Proprietary Unlocking & Unleashing Talent Methodology

Unlocking and Unleashing World-Class Talent to Enable Ultimate Potential for the Individual and Organization

Unlocking Talent

Are you frustrated by missed hires impacting your growth? You're not alone. 87% of companies struggle to attract and retain top talent

At Global Recruiters of Buckhead, we change that. Our proven 10-phase Unlocking Talent methodology unearths high-performing talent who fuel your short- and long-term success.

We partner with you to understand your unique needs and deliver talent that seamlessly integrates into your culture and makes a real difference. Imagine the impact of hiring right the first time, every time.

Proprietary Unlocking & Unleashing Talent Methodology

Beyond the limitations of transactional recruiting and headhunting, our proprietary Unlocking & Unleashing Talent Methodology fosters transformative, trusted partnerships with both clients and candidates. This collaborative approach unlocks world-class talent who seamlessly fuel your organization's ultimate potential and drive competitive results.

Ground Zero - Relationship & Pipeline Building

We build invaluable, long-term, and deposit-filled relationships vs. simple, transactional, withdrawal relationships.

It is abundantly clear that we are in the relationship age.

As consumers, we are more apt to purchase from the brands we have a relationship with. Brands that make an emotional connection with us, give us a good feeling, make us feel respected and valued at every touch point. Top-tier talent expects the same from companies, recruiters, executive search firms, etc. Those who harness the power of building and nurturing authentic relationships will greatly increase their level of success.

A failure to build, nurture, and harness these authentic and intentional relationships will lead to your brand being overlooked, put in the generic bucket, and certainly not receiving a raving recommendation to other potential candidates.

Your Partner in Top-Tier Talent

We have a two-decade successful track record of attracting, developing, and nurturing a deep global talent pipeline of top-tier candidates. We keep this pipeline line fresh, healthy, relevant, and growing by continuing to deliver value and nurture our relationships and partnerships with:
College and Universities, Professional Associations, Private Equity Firms, Entrepreneurs, Professional Degree Associations, Companies, Organizations, Robust Social Capital Community, Religions Institutions, Chamber of Commerce's, Affinity Groups & Organizations, Career Placement Agency, Executive Career Management Companies.

Phase 1

Listening to all Volumes - Including Mute
Understanding the Known and Unknown Need

We seek to be your trusted listener, advisor, coach, consultant, and success partner. Working in collaboration and partnership, we are able to secure a win-win-win.

We spend the time to fully dial into your company. Seeking to understand your culture, the ideal brand of candidate you are looking for, the competitive advantage you want the candidate to bring, the commercial and noncommercial results you expect, and what brand of person doesn't fit your organization.


This phase is the underpinning of our successful ability to Unlocking and Unleashing World-Class Talent to Enable Ultimate Potential for the Individual and Organization

Phase 2

Understand Your Vision, Strategies, and Key Deliverables

We partner with you to review your job description, ensuring that it is competitive for the ideal talent you want to Unlock and Unleash from the passive or active pool of candidates.

We will also discuss the unique requirements of your position, including reporting, relationships, responsibilities, objectives, characteristics, and compensation & benefits.

We will review your key strategies and visions, along with the critical milestones and deliverables expected from the candidate in the first 12 to 24 months. This ensures transparency and helps us thoroughly evaluate if the candidate possesses the skills and abilities to deliver in the short and long term.

We will assess the key areas of strengths and shortcomings based on the laid-out expectations.

Phase 3

Craft the Position Description & Recruitment Profile

We will develop a detailed and comprehensive recruitment profile. This should include information about your organization, the makeup and structure (including reporting lines), and the most critical candidate qualifications. The top criteria for success in the role and how success is measured.

We will spend a great deal of time creating a compelling Why story that will be presented to the candidates.

Phase 4

Becoming Your Brand Ambassador

We help your organization prepare, position, and propel its winning employee value proposition to a level that will attract, develop, and retain the most competitive talent. You will become the undisputable employer partner of choice, where world-class talent chooses to come and capitalize on their brand to make an exponential commercial and non-commercial impact.

We Unlock & Unleash World-Class Talent, creating the bridge that quickly introduces this talent to the organization.

Phase 5

Let the Unlocking and Unleashing Begin!

Once the position description is finalized, we will commence the research and candidate screening. Global Recruiters of Buckhead utilizes a variety of methods in identifying, curating, and developing candidates for a position, including an aggressive outreach relative to the type of diversity that is important for you.

Our most successful and preferred method is to:

  1. Reach out to influential, knowledgeable, and well-placed industry sources to gauge their interest, securing names of individuals who would be impactful and qualified for the role.
  2. Through research via our social capital network, global talent pipeline, and industry partners & associations, we identify individuals who are passive - not currently seeking employment or a role change and who have the required skills, experience, and would be an impactful fit for your organization.

Typically, those who are attracted and find interest in the process are not "applicants" - as in someone proactively applying via a job board or via a company's website.

Identifying and curating the talent that is an ideal fit for your organization is an important step. However, the challenge still exists to demonstrate to the talent why your organization is a fantastic fit for them and how they might find value in engaging in our recruitment process.

This is where we help overcome the challenge. We are keen to ensure the talent is managed with dignity, respect, transparency, and integrity. We also partner with them to help navigate the process, continuing to highlight the value of their career, personal, professional, and economic success.

We provide coaching and guidance on how this opportunity can enable them to Unlock and Unleash their Ultimate potential, which enables them to achieve their bespoke personal, professional, and economic success - as spelled out to us by them.

To ensure a fair, equitable, and transparent process, we will review, screen, and evaluate any internal or recommended candidates that you bring forth. We will utilize the same process with externally curated candidates and candidates you choose to onboard.

Phase 6

Candidate Screening

Our screening is divided into two parts:

  1. A thorough review and analysis of the candidate's resume, LinkedIn profile, and any additional materials available.
  2. A pre-screen telephone interview to further gauge fit for the organization and interest level in the position.
  3. The most qualified candidates will be invited for an in-person or videoconference engagement/interview. During this process, we lean in to explore the candidate's core competencies (on and off the resume), drilling down to extract concrete examples that demonstrate past performance and delivered results. We are also evaluating for any issues that might misalign with the culture of the organization, understanding what is important for them in the role and organization, and understanding the impact and value they can deliver to the organization.

You will receive a comprehensive verbal and written report of the outcome of the interview/engagement.

Phase 7

Candidate Interview/Engagement with Company

After sharing the final candidates with you, we will arrange the interview process. We can also prepare the offer letter based on the terms and conditions agreed on in the earlier phase. We will then follow up to ensure the offer is signed and executed by both parties. We will also collaborate with the candidate and organization on other key transition areas (i.e., relocation, onboarding, family relocation needs, etc.).

We realize that even after an interview, you still might need more data to decide between finalists. We offer a number of assessments to help add a scientific element in choosing your best candidate.

Phase 8

The wrap-up

We are vested in the long-term success and exponential impact of the selected candidate on your organization. We hold a debrief with your team to highlight areas during the interview/engagement process that should be followed up on. We will also hold a debrief session with the successful candidate and share the outcome with you. Often, this feedback can help create the most beneficial onboarding and personal development process for the successful candidate.

We will also perform reference checks on your finalist candidate. You may also request for us to arrange and coordinate the background check. The offer can also be made “contingent on completion of reference and/or background checks.” It is not uncommon for candidates to want to wait for the offer stage to have references checked due to confidentiality concerns.

Phase 9

Ongoing Partner and Brand Ambassador

We are the face of your company when we engage with any candidates. As such, you can be assured every candidate will encounter an experience where they are treated with honesty, integrity, transparency, and respect at all times. They will receive timely updates and feedback throughout the process. We consider ourselves an extension of your organization and all candidates will receive nothing less than exceptional service.

Our commitment and obligation to you does not cease when the successful candidate is hired. We will reach out in 6-7 months after the hire date and have a thorough engagement with the new hire. This enables us to see how they judge the experience so far, face challenges, seize opportunities, level of impact being made, blockers to success, and what would help them improve the experience.

We find that this pulse check can be critical in making course corrections, clearing up misunderstandings, and strengthening the experience for both sides. We will provide you with a detailed read-out of our observations, judgments, and opinions.

We look forward to partnering with you to Unlock and Unleash World-Class Talent into your Organization.